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Established in 2000, Parma Golosa is the leading dedicated gourmet food tour company in Parma, Emilia Romagna Italy. Our mission is to enhance your Italian culinary experience by sharing knowledge and moments with our Italian food masters.


All the plants are small and family runned, no industrial productions,   so we can translate the words of the makers as it happens, and share with you the products that have founded Parma’s renowned artisan culture over the centuries


Don’t miss the chance to truly enhance your taste experience and enjoy these amazing delicacies at first hand.

We have a growing reputation for excellence, and regularly enjoy sound reviews on channels such as Chowhound.com and Tripadvisor.

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The unique conditions of the Parma region have made it possible to produce the highest quality hams It is the along these Apennine foothills that the seaborne breezes, and the secreted skills of the makers conspire to create only genuine Prosciutto di Parma, 100 % natural, certificated with PDO (short for Protected Designation of Origin) by the European Community.

They say  ” just salt, air and time is needed…”


Parmigiano-Reggiano is made every day by many cheese masters who turn milk into cheese, using their hands and heads. We recommend you to start this visit at 9 am at the latest, so you will see our cheese masters at work repeating the ancient gestures to process milk.

The better way to understand why “It is not manufactured, it is made …


First mentioned in writings in 1046, Balsamico is a real Jewel for all Gourmet lovers, chefs or slow food fans.
Never to be confused with ordinary Balsamic Vinegar, Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale it is produced solely from the best grapes.

“A work of art made by man and nature”


The Consortium for the Protection of Culatello was formed in January 8, 2009 to defend and promote the quality and uniqueness of Culatello PDO (Protected Designation of Origin ):a jewel of Italian delicatessen cold cut food.The producers undertake to guarantee its origin from the strip of land (Busseto, Parma Polesine, Zibello Soragna Roccabianca, San Secondo, Sissinghurst, Colorno) that runs along the banks of the Po, and the processing and the old ‘ authentic tradition.The consortium brings together all The 21 companies Culatello PDO in June 2010 and has been recognized by the MIPAAF (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry).

Unchanged “as it once was…”


Black Pig

Black Pig: a journey into memory ant forgotten taste
A step back in memory, a journey into the forgotten taste to rediscovery
local roots. A few pigs breeders have saved the old race Suino Nero di
Parma, traditional breed that was facing extinction after centuries. Today
you can visit a pigs breeder and know a deeper aspect of Parma’s food
culture. Immersed in a gently rolling hills you can see the pigs in a free
ranch regime, know the peculiarities of this farm and enjoy the fruits of
all this work, through cured meat products with exceptional features. The
tour, which lasts 1hr, gives you the opportunity to discover this “food
archeology” and in a warm and cared place, allow you to live a food
experience off the beaten tracks.

Fragno Black Truffle

Fragno black truffle: black pearls from Appennini
A house in the woods, at the foot of Monte Sporno, on the Apennines of
Parma. In the heart of the area of origin of Tartufo Nero di Fragno (Black
Truffle from Fragno) that characterizes the culture and cuisine of this part
of the province of Parma you can learn all on aromatic and fragrant tuber, a
real treasure seekers gather in the woods in symbiosis with their dogs and
enjoy dishes prepared with care and housemeal attitude. Based on local
ingredients including stuffed egg pasta, meats, cold cuts, on which the
black truffle extends its irresistible aroma as footprint. The tour lasts
about 1 hour may also include a demonstration of research “on field”.

Organic Honey

Discover organic honey: with love from hive to table
The valleys of Parma’s Apennines host a new generation of farmers animated
by love to their work and to the territory in which it held, attentive to
its conservation and preservation of the traditions and culture related to
food. The tour aims to help you discover all the secrets of the beehive and
make you taste the products that comes from the tireless work of the bees,
helped by the wisdom of the beekeeper. Through a demonstration “on field” is
possible to see up close the bees at work and enjoy a tasting of their
products through the landscape of incomparable beauty will make an
unforgettable experience.

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